Bean&Pähkinä Dog Wear

Lola Pähkinämäki Design

Bean&Pähkinä Dog Wear is Finnish dog clothing brand that was founded in 2011 by Lola Pähkinämäki and her Chinese Crested dog Oliver Bean.

Cruelty-free design

In our clothing we use responsible, cruelty-free materials only. Our wools come from small farms from UK and Norway, where sheep are raised naturally outdoors on pasture. Sheep are required to be shorn of their wool once a year for their own comfort and health.

100% handmade

All clothes we design and make are 100% handmade and this way unique pieces.  We knit all sweaters custom-made by following the measurements you send us. You can choose your favorite sweater of our collections or design your own and ask us to knit it.

We live for charity

Bean&Pähkinä supports different kind of chairities worldwide by knitting special sweaters for dogs, families and organizations in need, by making donations and by rescuing animals. In 2019 Bean&Pähkinä opened own Charity Line for supporting dog rescue organization in USA.Read more >> 

Collections for dogs

Collections for parents