Custom-made Dog Sweaters

What ever you dream about, we will knit your dreams come true!
If you didn't find the sweater you want to get, contact us to tell what you wish. We will let you know the total price before we start to knit and send you a picture of sweater to accept before we send it to you.


Special needs?

We also knit for 3-legged and 2-legged animals and for animals having angular body shape. Pictures help us with designing.


Pricing for custom-made sweater outside of European:

Size XS – until 3KG/7LBS – starting from $20
Size S – until 5KG/11LBS – starting from $30
Size M – until 8KG/17LBS – starting from $40

Total price depends on the colors, materials,shape, details and actual size.


Pricing for custom-made sweater in European:

Size XS – until 3KG/7LBS – – 33€
Size S – until 5KG/11LBS – – 44€
Size M – until 8KG/17LBS – – 55€

Total price depends on the colors, shape, details and actual size.


The weight of sweater starts from 80g. Total weight depends on the size, shape and detais.


Lola Pähkinämäki Design

Bean&Pähkinä Dog Wear